Self-catering accommodation in Franschhoek this December!

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L’Ermitage offers tranquil self-catering accommodation in Franschhoek, an area perfect for all those wishing to escape the city. Franschhoek is famous for its breath taking scenery, Fynbos, wine tasting and tourist attractions. L’Ermitage in Franschhoek appeals to those seeking self-catering accommodation that offers an environment that is suitable for family living.

When holidaymakers visit Franschhoek, they enjoy living like the locals and experience the wonderful atmosphere of this French inspired town firsthand. If you want to get a real feel for Franschhoek, you need to have more freedom and this is what our self-catering accommodation offers you.

Franschhoek boasts 8 of the country’s top 100 restaurants, as well as wine tasting spots, boutique wineries, art galleries and quaint shops. There are plenty of options when it comes to activities in Franschhoek. One of these options is exploring our exquisite self-catering accommodation. These self-catering suites provide you with the liberty to live like you are at home. L’Ermitage self-catering accommodation is fitted with a fully equipped kitchenette giving you the freedom to prepare your own meals when you please. This can be quite handy especially when travelling with young children who eat at different hours.

Whether you are travelling with just your partner, a group of friends or your family we have the perfect self-catering accommodation for you. So get booking now.

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