Terms & Conditions

Leisure Stay

Please note that 100% is payable within 48 hours for bookings made for 2023 and 50% is payable for bookings made for 2024, the other 50% is payable 30 days prior to arrival, any reservation not confirmed by payment may be released upon management discretion


Conditions of Residence

I hereby agree, as a condition of my occupation of the L’Ermitage premises, that the Owner/Operator of L’Ermitage shall not be responsible and/or liable for any accident, injury, death of any person, or loss, damage, or destruction to any property brought by me upon the L’Ermitage premises, whether arising from fire, theft, or omission of any person employed by the Owner/Operator of L’Ermitage. Accordingly, I hereby identify and agree to hold harmless L’Ermitage of the Owner/Operator, their direct officers, employees, agents, contractors or sub-contractors in respect of any responsibility and/or liability as stated above.

I hereby expressly consent and grant permission to L’Ermitage to collect, process, or distribute my personal information disclosed herein for purpose of any guest loyalty activity, subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. L’Ermitage shall remain authorized as stated in this document unless written notice of the withdrawal of permission is received within five days of stay.

2. L’Ermitage shall ensure that all necessary and responsible steps are taken to secure any personal information disclosed by me herein, but they shall not be liable for any disclosure, use, loss, or damage incurred as a result of sharing my personal information.

3. L’Ermitage may use my personal information to communicate with me from time to time, unless I state otherwise.

L’Ermitage may only distribute my personal information to its bona fide suppliers and other business associates or partners with my express permission freely and voluntarily. I acknowledge that:

1. The wireless internet connection available at L’Ermitage is unsecured and that I utilize the internet at my risk. I hereby indemnify and hold L’Ermitage harmless against any loss or harm of any nature arising directly or indirectly from the dissemination of any data through the use of L’Ermitage internet facilities.

2. I am aware that the public areas at L’Ermitage are monitored by closed-circuit television. If deemed necessary in the sole opinion of L’Ermitage, I consent to the use of such surveillance material in a court of law.